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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Essay on Consequences and Treatment of Sex Addiction

      If not addressed, the problem of sexual addiction can have adverse consequences for the individual.  Because sexual addiction can control the life of a person, these behaviors often lead to losses for the individual.  According to Dr. Carnes, sex addicts have reported that they have lost significant persons, events or opportunities in their life as a result of their addiction.  These reported losses include loss of partner or spouse, severe marital or relationship problems, loss of career opportunities, unwanted pregnancies, abortions, suicidal obsession, suicide attempts, exposure to AIDS and venereal diseases, and legal risk from nuisance offenses to rape (Edward Millet, 2005, p.3).

Treatment for Sex Addiction
            Persons who suspect themselves to be addicted to sex should seek expert help.  There are a number of organizations nowadays who help individuals suffering from sexual addiction.  Treatment however for sexual addiction is not easy.  It is a process that does not end after undergoing the program for a few sessions.  It is a process that is continuing. 

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Treating a person for sexual addiction is much more difficult than treating other persons who have other kinds of addiction.  In alcohol addiction, the goal is to abstain from drinking and to stay sober.  It addiction to nicotine, the goal is to abstain from smoking and to use substitutes to cigarettes.  In drug addiction, the goal is to stay clean from the use of drugs.  The treatment for sex addiction is different.  Treating sex addiction means that the participants should lean to have sex within the context of a relationship.  The goal is to learn to have sex with the right person.  The person undergoing rehabilitation is not taught to abstain from sex but they are taught to have sex only when there is an existing relationship between his or her partner.  It only means that random sex with strangers is not included.   

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